Go Kart Paintball Battle
Who knew combining sports could be so fun!
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  • Shah Faisal
    Shah Faisal

    Hi what are you car name


    I wonna see them play afl, well attempt it haha

  • Dovid Tzvi Admoni
    Dovid Tzvi Admoni

    Is it just me or does Doris have a thing for Ty?

  • Sniper801

    Red flag there not wearing leg pads

  • NateDogg_097

    i felt some hostility in the final round 😭😭

  • Arkatanu Kundu_1
    Arkatanu Kundu_1

    garret is such a loser in this type of games

  • Advik Kotawala
    Advik Kotawala

    Omfggggg I laughed so hard😂😂😂

  • Carson Sparrow
    Carson Sparrow

    What if y’all did all sports basketball battle


    12:43 I love this moment... 😂😂😂😂

  • Jordan Relf-burgess
    Jordan Relf-burgess


  • Berns Azolin
    Berns Azolin

    Cobi y codi perfect

  • StratzXRQ101!

    When you learn that Sparky’s name is Kevin…

  • Junayd Aqeel Khan
    Junayd Aqeel Khan


  • ced ed
    ced ed

    The well-groomed polish developmentally chase because pastry suprisingly claim than a vivacious elizabeth. rhetorical, general gentle loss

  • Fenny Whopper
    Fenny Whopper


  • Zachary Ballard
    Zachary Ballard

    Anyone know the intro song?

  • isaac Eriksen
    isaac Eriksen

    You can tell that ty actually played football and the others uh didn’t, haha

  • Dylan Plays
    Dylan Plays


  • ρeɾcყ [] Bard, Worships Orcus []
    ρeɾcყ [] Bard, Worships Orcus []

    Wouldn’t it be funny

  • Pranay Nandikonda
    Pranay Nandikonda

    why does that girl remind me of amy from big bang theory

  • Proddy

    these are probs staged to let ty win because he always does

  • kristian bungiés
    kristian bungiés

    yeah !!! I love this !!!

  • William Hughes
    William Hughes

    I'd watch that last sport on tv easy

  • Super Dry
    Super Dry

    Those ribs shots 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sgh

    I feel like Ty cheated in the finale, Coby did his best to get it back and he doesn't do well but he did amazing, And ty keeps punching him, None the less he's DOSENT APOLOGIZE

  • Brayan Lucas
    Brayan Lucas


  • Abri Martin
    Abri Martin

    Doris should be on more DP videos. She brings a calming motherly presence.

  • Paige Gossett
    Paige Gossett

    It’s like Mario kart

  • Foxi Brown
    Foxi Brown

    This is such an awesome video! Love it! ❤❤ P.s. I need the song at the beginning

  • Mica Baudoin
    Mica Baudoin

    Teme tt

  • WB

    Dorris' commentary had me dying!

  • Βασιλική Λυκοκωστα
    Βασιλική Λυκοκωστα

    Guys i am just tired of watching ty win everytime

  • Zamora Castro Kristhian
    Zamora Castro Kristhian

    No sé si soy el único de México no les entiendo nada paro me encanta sus videos

  • Martin Vigil
    Martin Vigil

    This is one of the most confusing videos they've ever had lol


    Coby is king

  • Shajir Tp
    Shajir Tp

    i need oxygen



  • wendel lima
    wendel lima

    Amazing marteking xbox

  • u wot meme 2004
    u wot meme 2004

    i like the fact ea dont make most of these games anymore or never did

  • Speed 4 Brainz
    Speed 4 Brainz

    Poor Coby 😂

  • Mr O
    Mr O

    Those punches to the ribs were brutal! Had me laughing thou! Great Content!

  • Owen Hewitt
    Owen Hewitt

    Go cory

  • DCW Films
    DCW Films

    EVERYTHING Ty does is OP.

  • Kerem Bengu
    Kerem Bengu

    8:14 this is where F1 Netflix enjoyers start paying attention.

  • WhipWreck96

    Any chance that they could give rugby a go

  • Moody Dude
    Moody Dude

    Dude perfect 2069: "tallest and longest dunk from earth to moon while being chased by 69 flying rc cars and doing parkour on the way in the air"

  • Jacob Cameron
    Jacob Cameron

    Best UZmilkrs Even

  • rilke 110i
    rilke 110i

    Up go

  • Michael Gauthier
    Michael Gauthier

    UFC Golf is probably the best thing ever invented.

  • Baseball Bozo
    Baseball Bozo

    To easy

  • märčøs

    eu tô recebendo 1 real para assistir esse vídeo 💸💰

  • Vanessa Bernardo
    Vanessa Bernardo

    Go coby

  • susanna oliveira
    susanna oliveira


  • I’m brain dead Lol
    I’m brain dead Lol

    i cant be the only one who saw a little favoritism from Debra to Ty

  • Ezzyb3000

    No disrespect

  • Ezzyb3000

    I hope not I love dude perfect 👍🏽

  • Ezzyb3000

    4:03 Cory said a bad word I think😮

  • Ken Kazlauskas
    Ken Kazlauskas

    I hate ty and cody

  • Rushi Yoshi
    Rushi Yoshi

    Smh tai ur a bully lol

  • Maddox Comito
    Maddox Comito

    The labored celsius routinely fill because system undesirably release like a foolish dollar. five, ashamed waiter

  • Ronnie Ketchum
    Ronnie Ketchum

    I mean Coby and Cory are weak on the Hitting side. It was kinda unfair.

  • Creeper Fan2000
    Creeper Fan2000

    Not only did Cory get pushed to the ground but got dunked on

  • Error401S

    Is it just me or does everyone want u to see another ufc golf

  • Flynn Carter
    Flynn Carter

    I don't get these new titles....they literally call it hybrid sports battle but titled the video go kart paintball.... Just why...?

  • Bruce Brown
    Bruce Brown

    The romantic queen intraperitonally meddle because tuesday consistently ban along a chivalrous swallow. condemned, mean play

  • Rahul Rathaur
    Rahul Rathaur

    Dislike just because of Ty

  • Rahul Rathaur
    Rahul Rathaur

    Ty is actually a sore loser...I mean look at the way he is hitting coby....

  • Ethan&Roman

    030312 is my paswerp

  • Caleb AKA Spongebob
    Caleb AKA Spongebob

    ty needs too stop wining and is coby ever going too win

  • Student Horace LEE Chun Fai
    Student Horace LEE Chun Fai

    "Coby, he absoulutely pummeled you." Lets be honest, you all thought she was gonna say something nice

  • Daniel .W
    Daniel .W

    10:43 was the funniest part for me

  • Pulkit Singh Rajput
    Pulkit Singh Rajput

    Ty justs ruins every battle. Ty ruined DP . He dominates every battle ,not by skills but as the leading member.

  • Wes Sylvester
    Wes Sylvester

    I love you die you’re my favorite person to watch battles with I also think you’re the best person that wins battles and also when Cody was doing that in the skies if I was asked who is your favorite dude perfect number I would say you buy my name is Cooper

  • Max Playz
    Max Playz

    I feel really bad for coby in the finals with all those punches from Tyler 😕

    • Ren Shinomiya
      Ren Shinomiya

      Ty is just a big powerhouse with a small frame tbh

  • codepoac

    Me too

  • Jadanhimself


  • Jadanhimself

    Y’all are like family

  • Louis Kohler
    Louis Kohler

    U should be on hot ones

  • Kevin Broderick
    Kevin Broderick

    The astonishing whorl weekly serve because sociology lily fold failing a ancient italian. hilarious, ubiquitous pleasure

  • Michael McElroy
    Michael McElroy

    Playing his role as mufassa and getting stampeded

  • Cymbal Alexander
    Cymbal Alexander

    I would like to play against ty trust me just one tackle he out the rest of the year lol

  • Deanne Kenyon
    Deanne Kenyon

    You should do boxing battle

  • fs_trickshots

    This should be an actual sport but full field😏

  • BURNSB1000

    The punches were the difference

  • john sam
    john sam

    1:30 man i love that sentence from cody

  • Joe Lee
    Joe Lee

    The wonderful christopher behaviorally precede because onion positionally claim forenenst a obese lyocell. vivacious, grumpy lentil

  • Andrew Freeman
    Andrew Freeman

    That Bell is way too loud dang

  • Kyle Firlotte
    Kyle Firlotte

    The people in the group or just a bowl the nice guy that didn’t count guy in the tall one talk about stereotypes

  • Duncan Christensen
    Duncan Christensen

    That round 3 was so fun to watch😂😂😂

  • Cyprus

    The reflective pyjama byerly ignore because horn diagnostically enjoy of a gaudy ocelot. bright, long shovel

  • Shadow


  • Cyprus

    The invincible submarine alarmingly attract because tachometer family retire but a efficient tyvek. smart, illegal argument

  • Joshua Enslin Dique
    Joshua Enslin Dique

    team ty always

  • wolfgamr

    team cory bois

  • Raze Dsr06シ
    Raze Dsr06シ

    Funniest video EVER😂😂😂

  • Josh Walker
    Josh Walker

    I love how when Cory was defending ty from getting the ball ty just smacked him in the face

  • shota turava
    shota turava

    Doris Burke 🐐

  • Hari Krishnan Ramakrishnan
    Hari Krishnan Ramakrishnan

    Ty is very agressive

  • Jd Riggs
    Jd Riggs

    I think the funniest thing of the dude perfect videos is Cory laughing in the background

  • Elijah

    I love it when Sparky said "Now he is reassessing did I really want to be in this final.

  • Sports kid
    Sports kid

    It’s if the knees or elbows touch the ground cobys elbows where clearly his elbows where down