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Toys are fun, trick shots are awesome... Toy Trick Shots are AMAZING!
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect

    love you guys for reallllllll

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      Harry J Brett

      🥰 awwww

    • IDuckyI

      u to boys

    • Marcin Lukasik
      Marcin Lukasik

      🐐 is

    • Lachlan Jenkin
      Lachlan Jenkin

      You should make a sequel to this

    • joao carlos alves soares
      joao carlos alves soares


  • Wessel game
    Wessel game

    ok can we talk about how Cody knuckleballed a throw

  • Quinton Neuman
    Quinton Neuman

    Can you guys do BEYBLADE trick shots

  • dave G
    dave G

    we need a kid edition

  • Soeren Moya
    Soeren Moya


  • Adrian Wang
    Adrian Wang

    Toy trick shots have bottles you can break huh?

    • Adrian Wang
      Adrian Wang

      Love it

  • Wendy Van Der Laan
    Wendy Van Der Laan

    Hoi sorry im not English im nederland

  • Sparkle's Creativity
    Sparkle's Creativity

    hey guys can you do a video on yoyo trick shots

  • john mudri
    john mudri

    It literally reminds me of the old hot wheels game that I used to play on my dad E-machine and it was so fun.

  • Hayes

    I remember when this was new

  • Jo ballers
    Jo ballers

    Can you shout me out

  • D.J plays and vlogs
    D.J plays and vlogs

    the hasbro beyblades give me anger issues like seriously get takara tomy

  • D.J plays and vlogs
    D.J plays and vlogs

    the first one must've taken years to set up

  • Alshamsi _123
    Alshamsi _123

    "welcome to the ride of your life" Hermitcraft season 6 flashbacks

  • chandru gamevlogger
    chandru gamevlogger


  • Bobby Robertson
    Bobby Robertson


  • Lex J
    Lex J

    When EVERYONE says first


    How do you guys do that

  • Geeta Arjun
    Geeta Arjun

    Make a video on beyblade

  • Tim Morgan
    Tim Morgan

    This is the coolest thing I ever seen

  • Nox

    the intro feels like forza horizon

  • Jayce Dangler
    Jayce Dangler

    2:58 Rare footage of GTA 6

  • Ugur Kobas
    Ugur Kobas

    Revolt game

  • NTDIT36

    using techniques After effect

  • Eugene Gafanha
    Eugene Gafanha

    Beyblade let’s go

  • Anesh FF
    Anesh FF

    Realistic 🔥🔥🔥

  • placeholder

    RNG trick shots

  • StopmotionLego

    1:35 hey it’s the Astonishing Flying Ring

  • Daksh Poonia
    Daksh Poonia

    That Intro!!

  • Vishnu Peter
    Vishnu Peter

    If this was 3d how would it be

  • Taigue Mitchell
    Taigue Mitchell

    hi dp

  • Kappei

    3:00, it looks like a lego city sky police parachute dive with a mini figure.

  • mahir nure
    mahir nure

    i wish i could sent you a picture of my pc wall paper but im 9 of course i dude perfect profile picture but better on my screen

  • Antonio Miele
    Antonio Miele

    hrey you guys should do paper air plan trickshots

  • Mike Capistrano
    Mike Capistrano

    You guys are really perfect

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

    This channel is pure cancer

  • Professor Potato
    Professor Potato

    This is by FAR my favorite trick shot video

  • Ethan Ferro
    Ethan Ferro


  • Ethan Ferro
    Ethan Ferro

    What video is this

  • Lunq

    there will be no one who use toys to do this cool things..

  • pro  gamer
    pro gamer


  • Ucef Rayan
    Ucef Rayan


  • Adam Barbarawi
    Adam Barbarawi

    Is it just me, or have I been watching dude perfect for 3 years to the point that I think it’s all fake now!??!??!!!?!?

    • Sol nate
      Sol nate

      Yah they messed there whole channel with to much ot and and bucket list I wish they did more battles trick shots and stereotypes

  • Azura

    that opening was forza horizon level opening

  • Delayna W
    Delayna W

    can you do more toy trick shots

  • Santiago Santisantiago
    Santiago Santisantiago


  • Wadah Bottle
    Wadah Bottle

    Their last trickshot video 😭

  • 15X Broskii
    15X Broskii

    No one is more legendary then the dude perfect panda

  • Riding Acres
    Riding Acres

    The song ruins it

    • Trick shot time
      Trick shot time

      I think so

  • 912pizza

    2:35 Tyler used Cody’s cool not cool for an ot

  • syyzen

    2:18 how dare you not say let it rip

  • Music lyrics
    Music lyrics


  • Nathen James
    Nathen James

    They should have merch that says YEEEEEES!!!

  • ρeɾcყ [] Bard, Worships Orcus []
    ρeɾcყ [] Bard, Worships Orcus []

    Wouldn’t it be funny

  • Jeris Holly and Maddox Noye
    Jeris Holly and Maddox Noye

    Dude perfect: plays non copyrighted music and trick shots

  • Oz Gbriel
    Oz Gbriel

    this guys are hacking life

  • Jason Perez
    Jason Perez

    Toy trick shot 2

  • Shriyash Pardeshi
    Shriyash Pardeshi

    DUDE PERFECT X MR BEAST Our Dream !!!!

  • علي السوداني
    علي السوداني


  • Queeny


  • Jacen Villa
    Jacen Villa

    On 1:46 his face

  • GigajinGaming 3711
    GigajinGaming 3711

    F for that chicken.

  • Rakhapradana

    I love how the blooper is longer than the actual video

  • [_Rasazy_]


  • aji anto
    aji anto

    Hotwheeels feels like playing game

  • samuel yang
    samuel yang

    How many miles per hour!?


    They never do these anymore

  • Cheuk Kwan Chung
    Cheuk Kwan Chung


  • SUS Dude
    SUS Dude

    At the start i feel like my neck is getting scraped by the road

  • Sarah Paris
    Sarah Paris

    You guys are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Απόλλωνας Ζαλωνης
    Απόλλωνας Ζαλωνης

    Nerf trick shots with PDK films

  • Irina Markovskaya
    Irina Markovskaya

    guys you should do a Koosh trick shots video please

  • Hashim


  • Ryan Postlethwaite
    Ryan Postlethwaite

    No one is doing Tesla car card key trick shot? Thoughts?


    What if the golf ball goes in another direction?!

  • The Divinagracia Family Channel
    The Divinagracia Family Channel

    BEYBLADE was awesome

  • Jack Shasho
    Jack Shasho

    Them: *making cool trick shots* Me: but for real how he use the etch a sketch?🤔

  • bas abdul
    bas abdul

    WOW WOW I CAME on this acc bc i was on my school acc AND I CAME ON THIS ACC TO SUB YOU

  • Captain Emerald
    Captain Emerald

    Ok hear me out, Balloon Trick Shots.

  • Noah Obermeier
    Noah Obermeier

    Also you should make the video opening a virtual reality video

  • Noah Obermeier
    Noah Obermeier

    Nice video opening

  • Romaro Brandon
    Romaro Brandon

    Imagine if the whole video was just the intro.

  • Karan Anne Hawk
    Karan Anne Hawk

    Hey dude perfect my name is Aimes if you could mention in one of your videos my UZmilk channel it is called abstract aimes

  • Jaice Jaravata
    Jaice Jaravata

    Challenge, Count how many bounces does the 2nd red ball trick shot.

  • Ginny Weasley
    Ginny Weasley

    maybe you could do Harry Potter trick shots and maybe get some of the cast members from the movie to join.

  • Pulkit Goyal
    Pulkit Goyal


  • Legent Bhai Bolte😜😏
    Legent Bhai Bolte😜😏


  • Ghost Predator
    Ghost Predator


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    Gernot g

    Hey Team. Pleade help me out with a job. Please

  • Truong Lam Son
    Truong Lam Son


  • Ascension CODM
    Ascension CODM

    Lezzgo man Owen (Garret's Kid) is the new Tyler

  • Caoimhin Saunders
    Caoimhin Saunders

    2:25 dWAYNE wADE

  • M Soares-Nawwar
    M Soares-Nawwar

    The red thingy to knock down a bowling pin?

  • Đình Duy
    Đình Duy

    i just subscribe your channel. Thanks for bring us an interesting video............

  • あおいのそら

    My childhood dream has been fulfilled today . Thank you❤️

  • Odinxsonn

    anyone hear ty's voice cut out at 4:18?

  • Mary H
    Mary H

    Is nobody going to mention Corys dancing?

  • LTG9764

    They haven’t made a trick shot video since February?!?!

  • xRyno

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Ty: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

  • Brian Yoo
    Brian Yoo

    how long did that intro take