Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22
BEST CHRISTMAS PRANK EVER! Plus a Christmas themed Get Crafty & Cool Not Cool! Special thanks to Dragon City for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to download the game for FREE!

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Intro: 0:00
Get Crafty: 01:30
Reindeer Prank: 07:50
Sponsor: 10:26
Wheel Unfortunate: 11:26
Cool Not Cool: 17:07

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  • Altamirano Arango
    Altamirano Arango


  • Ascrein

    Tow your own car... Rip

  • Louis Mula
    Louis Mula

    Sparky just get fired

  • Let’s play
    Let’s play

    Hey Cody ur my favourite

  • Handsome

    You can tell Cody is so disappointed and mad

  • Bobbi Jeselskis
    Bobbi Jeselskis


  • UniCookie10 Cookie
    UniCookie10 Cookie

    did anyone notice the golden boy on the self in the background

  • Owen Crust
    Owen Crust

    How did Cody not get first place in get crafty.

  • Petrina little
    Petrina little

    CODY NOOOO 😭😭😭😭

  • Ruslan Abdinov
    Ruslan Abdinov

    i feel soooo bad for Cody (((((((

  • Will Standish
    Will Standish

    Once again pitiful judging by Sparky. Any time they stepped out of the box he penalized them. “Not enough Christmas spirit” “it’s supposed to be a gingerbread house, not houses” The criteria were creativity, stability and taste, bud what are you thinking?

  • Andrew Bullard
    Andrew Bullard

    Cody is the new Corey

  • elise maendel
    elise maendel

    I saw that lure on shark tank 😂

  • Jareth Lopez
    Jareth Lopez

    Cody seem super sad

  • Theophilus Santoso
    Theophilus Santoso

    15:18 Coby be like: THATS' ILLEGAL 🤣

  • Raiziel 78
    Raiziel 78

    Poor Cody got robbed of a Get Crafty win, had his office destroyed, accidentally uncooled his gift to Coby, only received a pathetic little toy leaf blower as his gift and didn’t get a milkshake.

  • Brianna Gonzalez
    Brianna Gonzalez

    No I feel bad for cody

  • Sour Skittle
    Sour Skittle

    hose shoots water soo UMMM UMMMMMM

  • Spencer S.
    Spencer S.

    I feel so bad for Cody, Cody and Cory have a huge party!

  • Firefox 712
    Firefox 712

    I want to eat all of there houses so bad

  • Firefox 712
    Firefox 712

    who is your favorite DP member?

  • super sonic
    super sonic

    I hate sparkie the judje

  • Suhaim Uddin
    Suhaim Uddin

    Ty not gonna lie but I am disappointed in you for the gift you got Cody but I still love you :D Luv ur videos guys be a legend and don't let anybody steal that legend title

  • Katie Whitecotton
    Katie Whitecotton

    24 planks in 24 hours

  • Help me get a lot of subscribers without any video
    Help me get a lot of subscribers without any video

    Great Video you guys are great

  • Kenneth Pierce
    Kenneth Pierce

    No way Garret won that, His was fourth place at best

  • Satvik Nerella
    Satvik Nerella

    Garrett's win is Christmas miracle

  • Most Marvelous MOCs
    Most Marvelous MOCs

    Everyone says poor Cody but he always ruins everyone’s super cool so this is kinda a Karma episode for Cody

  • Richelle Lacamera
    Richelle Lacamera

    Cody should have won the get crafty

  • Chris Manwarren
    Chris Manwarren

    1. Get Crafty 2. Reindeer Prank 3. Wheel Unfortunate 4. Cool Not Cool

  • Chris Manwarren
    Chris Manwarren

    Cody got hosed 6 times 1. In Get Crafty: He slammed the need a new judge sign on Garrett’s Gingerbread House. 2. In Reindeer Prank: Last Night they decorated his office different. 3. In Cool Not Cool: He got Battle Win Fireworks for Coby but he threw his fireworks on the red button. 4. In Cool Not Cool: Tyler told him that he was Quadruple hosed. 5. In Cool Not Cool: Tyler got a Micro Leaf Blower with a Battery Pack but actually Tyler borrowed the battery pack from Chad. 6. In Cool Not Cool: When the VIP Milkshake Service came everyone got a milkshake except him.

  • Irst Ast
    Irst Ast

    It's October

  • Irst Ast
    Irst Ast

    It's not December anymore

  • Volcanogamez

    The dp dragon vs me beast dragon 10.56

  • Rikiz -.
    Rikiz -.

    That’s Illegal -Coby Cotton 2020

  • cody nguyen
    cody nguyen

    3:23 this guy has to rearrange the walls to the small on the bottom and the big one on the top

  • Frankline Kihiu
    Frankline Kihiu

    1:16 I feel like the editor just ruined the surprise!

  • Shinyslayer

    Ty and his gingerbread house needs to be a set for Christmas

  • Rafael Music and Games
    Rafael Music and Games

    By now Tyler accepted that hie is TT

  • Larkin Mayfield
    Larkin Mayfield

    I love how in the advertisement, they showed a dude perfect dragon beating a MrBeast dragon.

  • Hannah Grace Garner
    Hannah Grace Garner

    I agree we need a new get crafty Judge

  • MarioPlayr

    Coby had to just press green before he released red.

  • BGTK Gaming
    BGTK Gaming

    ngl tyler's ginger bread's house is cool that should be first place

  • Water Wasan
    Water Wasan

    I love how there is a golden boy with a Santa hat at the overtime table with the decoration

  • Dida a
    Dida a

    10:23 I really thought he was about to say "Cody commits a hate crime"

  • pooper man
    pooper man

    Level 5 earthquakes are not that strong

  • Caloom

    Yo cody got robbed so badly in get crafty!!!

  • Elevation Factor
    Elevation Factor

    rewatching and my Lordy loo poor Cody. I hope they were extra nice to him after this.

  • Cringe Lord Mason
    Cringe Lord Mason

    Chris tingle should’ve been judge of get crafty

  • Arif Hafidzul
    Arif Hafidzul

    That dragon destroyed the mr beast dragon


    That’s IlIgEaL

  • Amisha Kanaiya
    Amisha Kanaiya

    CD DVD Deccan. Cfccxxxccvc BC c. CVS. CC CC. CC cc.

  • 7P0INT

    11:15 *asserting dominance*

  • NightmareFun_

    Dude perfect overtime is the best because they are just having fun making jokes. It’s barely scripted and every segment just brings joy to everyone

  • Chris Manwarren
    Chris Manwarren

    In Get Crafty: Sparky is back has the judge and that’s Garrett’s Competition

  • The OG Trio
    The OG Trio

    The cats eyesight which curves around garrets head and goes directly to Cody’s house

  • Chris Manwarren
    Chris Manwarren

    Cody got hosed 6 times 1. In Get Crafty he slammed the need a new judge sign on Garrett’s gingerbread house 2. In Reindeer Prank his office was different they decorated his last night 3. In Cool Not Cool he had some battle win fireworks for but Garrett saw that he threw his fireworks on red button 4. In Cool Not Cool Tyler told him that he was quadruple hosed 5. In Cool Not Cool Tyler had a micro leaf blower with a battery pack and he wanted it but actually Tyler borrowed that from Chad 6. In Cool Not Cool when the VIP milkshake service came and everyone got a milkshake except him

  • Chris Manwarren
    Chris Manwarren

    In a Christmas theme Cool Not Cool Garret has a gift for Cory: VIP Milkshake Service: Super Cool Coby has a gift for Tyler: Custom Honey Oh’s: Super Cool Tyler has a gift for Cody: Micro Leaf Blower: Super Cool Cody has a gift for Coby: Battle Win Fireworks: Super Not Cool Cory has a gift for Garrett: Animated Fishing Lure: Super Cool


    Bro how did garret win though not to be rude but in my opinion I think his was the worst and Tyler should have won

  • Strike

    SPARKY! THAT WAS CODYS WIN ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kenzie Hope
    kenzie Hope

    I feel like cory should have another overtime dedicated to him next Christmas to make up for this absolute HOSE FEST that has been this video

  • Sarveshwar B
    Sarveshwar B

    Look at them! So rich but they still drive Chevy

  • peepee poopoo
    peepee poopoo

    "thats... illegal..."

  • TheAceGaming

    It’s summer and I already miss christmas

  • Typical

    I like Sparky but... we need a new judge.

  • HulkRayynSanimra17


  • Lily Montgomery
    Lily Montgomery

    Cody just like get me out of here

  • Technoblade_never_dies

    Yea Cory the reason your “pieces didn’t fit” was because you put the WALL AS THE ROOF


    Fala Lala la fala Lala a

  • unaiz hussain
    unaiz hussain

    he says i only got a leaf blower so sad 25:29

  • Gus Henry
    Gus Henry

    Sparky is a terrible judge

  • laser x man 779
    laser x man 779

    The sync in the voice is really pitches in Christmas spirit


    This is like cody having wheel unfortunate

  • Mergedaura1332

    Idk why I’m here watching their Christmas one from nearly a year ago but yknow yeah

  • Kollin Lage
    Kollin Lage

    I would like a mother hack attack

  • OweeO

    I have been in a 7.1 earthquake

  • DaoistBrownFace

    It’s ok Cody, that milkshake equals to 4 hours on the toilet 😭

  • Abha Gupta
    Abha Gupta

    7:23 was the best scene

  • swift

    cody was the real loser of wheel today

  • Nos

    get crafty ranking 1st: Cody 2nd: TT 3rd: Garrett 4th: Coby 5th: Cory

  • Penguin Lad
    Penguin Lad

    Who is still watching this like 8 months later? Lol I still do

  • Sceptc Pringle (:
    Sceptc Pringle (:

    why did he say the f word

  • Reverse

    Cody cant have milk anyways.

  • Surya Thilak
    Surya Thilak

    1:04, 2:59 garrett refuses and says that sparky is bad at judging about sparky as a judge 7:39 I have never said a word about sparky as a judge.... He is an incredible judge and is a gift to society Me : does this guy have memory loss or something?

  • GleamingOnion

    That's, Il-legal!

  • EG Sports
    EG Sports

    not bad singing

  • Xaro Kurd
    Xaro Kurd


  • Nicole Beebe
    Nicole Beebe

    All my wishes came true on this overtime. feel the pain Cody!

  • Bryce Fore
    Bryce Fore

    Jesus loves you

  • Aditya Karmokar
    Aditya Karmokar

    Badd day for cody

  • Aditya Karmokar
    Aditya Karmokar

    Thats unlegal

  • Aditya Karmokar
    Aditya Karmokar

    That campfire toast is funny

  • Musilicious

    Anyone tell me what was the prank in here??

  • Hayden penick
    Hayden penick

    Ty should have won get crafty

  • Junior Pelfrey
    Junior Pelfrey

    cody turns into the new rage monster lol

  • Sid Tom
    Sid Tom

    That's Il-Legal!!!

  • TheConman512

    Cody when through so much pain this episode

  • astronomical


  • Blake Turner
    Blake Turner