Chainsaw Carving Competition | OT 29
Get Crafty with Chainsaws! Wheel Unfortunate returns! Plus Hack Attack and a brand new segment! Special thanks to Bass Pro Shops for sponsoring this video! Visit your local Bass Pro or Click HERE to get all your outdoor needs! ►

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Segments for
1. Get Crafty (Chainsaw Carving)
2. Wheel Unfortunate
3. Hack Attack (Outdoor Themed)
4. You Get It For Free

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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect

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    • Gman 84
      Gman 84

      @Lonely Waffle yep

    • Speed 5,ooo zoommm
      Speed 5,ooo zoommm

      Cool not cool

    • Courtney. Michael. Wood
      Courtney. Michael. Wood

      @Lonely Waffle yes you did I was trying to click Read more

    • Future

      @Lonely Waffle that’s not house you do it.. you do it like this …Read more

    • Michael Paxman
      Michael Paxman


  • adib islam
    adib islam

    1) Wheel Unfortunate 2) Cool Not Cool 3) Betcha

  • Dirtbike Boy951
    Dirtbike Boy951

    Cool not cool wheel unfortunate and get crafty

  • Justin Hudson
    Justin Hudson

    #1- Get Crafty #2- I Spy Ty #3- Absurd Recurds

  • Annaliese Bruns
    Annaliese Bruns

    Why doesn’t Ned dance anymore

  • Joel Bulloch
    Joel Bulloch

    cool not cool get craftey fight sence

  • Z Hall
    Z Hall

    I live in tennessee thank you for coming!!

  • Tanner Thompson
    Tanner Thompson

    Cool not cool Get crafty Trailer park

  • Bethany Martin
    Bethany Martin

    1 Judge Dudy 2 Top Ten 3 Wives VS Chad

  • xXUndoneNRGXx

    You need to do more hack attack

  • Milena Hoeschel
    Milena Hoeschel

    Gönn dir nen Stuhlgang

  • LSwetsy11

    Cool not cool, top ten, wheel unfortunate

  • Moyaby Kone
    Moyaby Kone

    1) cool not cool 2)top 10 3) game time

  • Vicious Scorpion 647
    Vicious Scorpion 647

    1. Cool Not Cool 2. Get Crafty 3. Top 10

  • DJDragonPlayz

    1) Cool Not Cool 2) Get Crafty 3) Top 10

  • Fedal Henry Rooso
    Fedal Henry Rooso

    1. Top 10 2. Get crafty 3. Cool not cool

  • Zyrorge

    1.) Cool Not Cool 2.) Get Crafty 3.) Top 10

  • Blaboo5 GMR
    Blaboo5 GMR

    my favourites are 1 wheel unfortunate 2 cool not cool and 3 the prank one

  • Nikii

    1. cool not cool 2. get crafty 3. top 10

  • Yin Yang and Balloon Fan
    Yin Yang and Balloon Fan

    My Top 3 Favourite Segments are: Top 3 - Wheel Unfortunate Top 2 - Get Crafty Top 1 - Cool Not Cool

  • max

    1 cool not cool 2 get crafty 3 judge dudy

  • Emir Sarıhan
    Emir Sarıhan

    1 cool not cool 2 get crafty 3 wheel unfortunate

  • BoopFlower

    1. Cool Not Cool or Wheel Unfortunate (idk-) 2. Get Crafty 3. Wives Vs Chad

  • Scutz

    1. Get crafty 2. Wheel unfortunate 3. Cool

    • Yin Yang and Balloon Fan
      Yin Yang and Balloon Fan

      Cool Not Cool, coolio!

  • Aubrey Benningfield
    Aubrey Benningfield

    You guys should come to the Bass Pro in Clarksville, Indiana. My dad is the manager and it would be really cool!!!

  • AstroTheProtogen

    1) Cool Not Cool 2) Betcha 3) Judge Dudy HM- I Spy Ty, Top 10, Absurd Recurds

  • Christopher Parker
    Christopher Parker

    1. Cool not Cool 2. Taste test 3. Get Crafty

  • logan knue
    logan knue

    cool not cool , top ten ,and get crafty

  • Hailey Hodges
    Hailey Hodges

    1) top 10 2) Get crafty 3) cool not cool

  • sam roseland
    sam roseland

    wheel unfortunate, cool not cool, top ten

  • Hannah Fewson
    Hannah Fewson

    Cool not cool Wheel unfortunate Top ten

  • Bdog

    My favorite are 1. Cool not cool 2. Get Crafty 3. Judge duty HMs wheel, top ten

  • Héctor S
    Héctor S

    7:20 1- Cool Not Cool 2-Get Crafty 3-Betcha 👍

  • Owen Darby
    Owen Darby

    1 wheel unfortunate 2 cool not cool 3 get crafty

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    Cool, Top 10, Absurd recurds

  • SLimeGamer513

    Cool Not Cool, Top 10, Get Crafty

  • Lord mouse
    Lord mouse

    1, get crafty, 2, top ten without ty 3, weel unfortunat

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson

    Get crafty , cool not cool then ethier judge DuDy or fight scene

  • Scott Carnes
    Scott Carnes

    #1 Top 5 #2 Cool not Cool #3 Get Crafty

  • MemeBoy09

    1:Cool not cool 2:top 10 3:absurd recurds

  • Dr. Nugget 5182
    Dr. Nugget 5182

    1. Taste Test 2. Top 10 3. Cool Not Cool

  • Cap and Panther
    Cap and Panther

    Number 3 commercial clash number two cool not cool number 1 get crafty

  • JT and Ben
    JT and Ben

    1cool not cool 2commercial clash 3games with consequences

  • Eye of the Turtle
    Eye of the Turtle

    1)Judge duty 2)top ten 3) wheel unfortunate

  • Phu Gip
    Phu Gip

    Cool not cool, weel unfortunate, betcha

  • Archie Wright
    Archie Wright

    Top 10 Get crafty Cool not cool Top 10

  • Kyle Robillard
    Kyle Robillard

    1. Top 10 2. Get crafty 3. Fight scene


    1. cool not cool 2. wheel unfortunate 3. get crafty

  • April Polly
    April Polly

    I would actually like to swim with the fish

  • Samwell2448

    Top 3 favorite segments 1. Cool not cool 2. Wheel Unfortunate 3. Top 10

  • Generation Galaxy 7
    Generation Galaxy 7

    1)Cool Not Cool 2)Absurd Recurds 3)Get Crafty

  • Shifan

    Cool Not Cool Wheel Unfortunate Top 10

  • Jeremy and Crystal Nelson
    Jeremy and Crystal Nelson

    1# Top 10 2# Cool Not Cool 3# Judge Duty

  • MrMustache

    1) cool not cool 2) get crafty 3) top 10 HM) hack attack, I spy ty, taste test, smelling bee

  • Milada Smajic
    Milada Smajic

    I love cool not cool

  • Jeanemari Hattingh
    Jeanemari Hattingh

    Cool not cool wheel unfortunate get crafty

  • Ryan

    Cool not cool, trailer park, get crafty

  • Triton Mosbaugh
    Triton Mosbaugh

    Cool not cool Get crafty Smelling bee

  • Chloe Hrdlicka
    Chloe Hrdlicka

    1. wheel unfortunate 2. cool not cool 3. top 10

  • Jan Willem Middelkoop
    Jan Willem Middelkoop

    My top 3, Nr 1. Get crafty Nr 2. Cool not cool Nr 3. Top 10

  • Yvanna Merced
    Yvanna Merced

    1. top 10 2. Wives vs chad 3. Cool not cool

  • Abdul Hadi
    Abdul Hadi

    No. 1 cool not cool no.2 wheel un fortunate no.3 fight scene HM:get crafty,betcha

  • dot jim
    dot jim

    1 cool not cool 2 get crafty 3 game time

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez

    Cool not cool, wheel unfortunate, and voice troll

  • Chance Sundermeyer
    Chance Sundermeyer

    1 cool not cool 2 get crafty 3 taste test

  • João 149
    João 149

    1° Cool not cool 2° get crafty 3° betcha

    • João 149
      João 149

      Hack attack is also cool

  • I do stuff in Florida
    I do stuff in Florida

    1 cool not cool 2 fight scene 3 betcha

  • Jackie cat
    Jackie cat

    1)cool not cool 2)get crafty 3)Top 10

  • Edeline Nathanael
    Edeline Nathanael

    My favorite segment are cool not cool, get crafty and top 10

  • Josephine Payne
    Josephine Payne

    1. Cool not Cool 2. Wheel unfortunate 3. Games with Consequences

  • Mason Kids
    Mason Kids

    top 10 wheel unfortanate cool not cool

  • Tookermx 00
    Tookermx 00

    Cool not cool, trailer park, wheel unfortunate

  • Jimmy Tin
    Jimmy Tin

    1: cool not cool 2: game time 3: wheel unfortunate Honorable mention:top ten and fight scene

  • Nicholas Abrahamson
    Nicholas Abrahamson

    Cool not cool, wheel unfortunate, get crafty.

  • Devon Songer
    Devon Songer

    Cool not cool. Wheel unfortunate. Get crafty.

  • Apollic #1
    Apollic #1

    1) Cool Not Cool 2) Get Crafty 3) Top 10

  • Small Town Hunting Girl
    Small Town Hunting Girl

    The catfishes worst dreams came true that day….

  • Tfggcg Ugdhj
    Tfggcg Ugdhj

    1. Cool not cool 2.Get crafty 3.REAL UNFORTUNATE

  • Noah Bridges
    Noah Bridges

    1) Cool Not Cool 2) Top 10 3) Wheel Unfortunate

  • Christy Smith
    Christy Smith

    1. Betcha 2. Wheel unfortunate 3. Taste test

  • jasmine Smith
    jasmine Smith

    Cool not cool

  • Kebron Haile
    Kebron Haile

    Cool not cool Taste test Awkward situation

  • ghozali ahmad
    ghozali ahmad


  • BeastBull 2006
    BeastBull 2006

    3:Cool not cool 2:Fight Scene 1:Get Crafty

  • ToitleGaming

    1) Cool Not Cool 2) Get Crafty 3) Commercial Clash

  • Jake335

    #3. Get crafty #2. Betcha #1 cool, not cool

  • Megan Jean
    Megan Jean

    I honestly just wanna see sing song segment again

  • Skye Kaia
    Skye Kaia

    Cool Not Cool Betcha! Wheel Unfortunate

  • King k rules
    King k rules

    Cool not cool,get crafty, mine doesn’t look like that

  • Jayla Grey
    Jayla Grey

    1. Cool not cool 2. Get crafty 3. Top ten Hm-wife’s vs chad,the one were they played video games I don’t remember what it’s called

  • Bryce Yaworski
    Bryce Yaworski

    Wheel Unfortunate and only the reason why because cory is the one is the one that always spins the wheel.

  • Joel Federighi
    Joel Federighi

    1. Cool not cool 2. Judge Dudy 3. Get crafty

  • Marco Kennedy
    Marco Kennedy

    I wish you still had a streak going

  • Marco Kennedy
    Marco Kennedy

    I wish you still had a streak going

  • Brett's Adventures
    Brett's Adventures

    Wheel unfortunate cool not cool tast test

  • Gauge Blogs
    Gauge Blogs

    Cool not cool, get crafty, trailer park,

  • Hammy


  • Jayjayrabbit Torres
    Jayjayrabbit Torres

    3: cool not cool 2:get crafty 1: wheel unfortunate

  • Karen Thomas
    Karen Thomas

    1) Cool Not Cool 2)Wheel Unfortunate 3)Top Ten

  • Andrew Mironov
    Andrew Mironov

    1) cool not cool 2) get crafty 3) betcha