Cell Phone Stereotypes
Cell Phone Stereotypes…Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em!
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Comment: I've def dropped my phone on my face

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    Risto Kontinen

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    My mom's the speaker phone one. She sits out on the front verandah and has it up full ball. She even will recite her credit card details out loud over it and I'm like "MMMoommm! People can hear you!!!!" And her answer is always "oh it's fine, no one's walking past right now." Sheesh."

  • Mehdi Raza
    Mehdi Raza

    can you guys make airport stereotypes pls😃


    1:16 what’s ty eating there

  • Marisa Jackson Team, San Antonio Real Estate
    Marisa Jackson Team, San Antonio Real Estate

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    CraZy Umbreon

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    Suzye Wang

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    Ibrahim Abdelhameed

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    Jair Cruz YT

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  • HomeB Ob
    HomeB Ob

    Funny how ty had the party popper ready when Cory dropped the phone like he knew it was going to be fine

  • GamerParker123

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  • James Williams
    James Williams

    5:02 why does Garrett have two watch is on

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  • Bacon dude dies
    Bacon dude dies

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    CYBERMIK +1 ⁸⁷²²²⁵⁰⁹³⁰ ON WHATSAP

    🇱🇷👆👆 Finally my toxic relationship is ended after the name above👆 gave me proof from chats i saw was being cheated for long time ,

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  • Abelツ

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  • Máté Müller [GD Name: Matemuller]
    Máté Müller [GD Name: Matemuller]

    When u Accident drop ur phone and realised they are phone cases to protect ur screen: 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Ashish fire yt
    Ashish fire yt

    that girl in the the car while he was danceing shirt less tho dude

  • Chris & Alex Time
    Chris & Alex Time

    Gamer Stereotypes All night player Xbox vs PlayStation war PC Gamer Invert controllers Walkthrough watcher Cheater Rage Monster Skinny guy Screen time mom Raging Streamer Power button pusher Mobile player Uses console second use more often Unbeatable high score

  • Sathmal Liyanage
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  • Dana Fagan Hall
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    Chitrank Sharma

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    Fewestchain 9

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    Steve Desjardins

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    Indie Suarez

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    Arjun Ravi

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    Sashwat Kumar

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  • 050 WeiXian
    050 WeiXian

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  • Icycup

    0:49 No! I am more worried about the cup than the phone!

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    Mark the beast

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    Rudra bahadur Budhathoki

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      Daniel Weisbord

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    Slow brow

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    Moe Elzayat

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  • Snake Master
    Snake Master

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    Machen Riggs

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    Valeria Perez

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    The backyard group

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    Legos gamer

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    BLAZE 25

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  • Brett Lehtinen
    Brett Lehtinen

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    Jayden Martinez

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  • LIM1TS

    imagine if they made Cody the rage monster and he raged on Ty lol

    • CYBERMIK +1 ⁸⁷²²²⁵⁰⁹³⁰ ON WHATSAP
      CYBERMIK +1 ⁸⁷²²²⁵⁰⁹³⁰ ON WHATSAP

      🇱🇷👆👆 Finally my toxic relationship is ended after the name above👆 gave me proof from chats i saw was being cheated for long time .,

  • Stephen Gotsis iii
    Stephen Gotsis iii

    Do Switch Stereotypes plesse Switch Plesse Thank's

  • Imperial Rockstar
    Imperial Rockstar

    Garret is SO right I always thought they where listening and told my younger brother also

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    Tiam Roozbayani

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    Chase Sims

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    Excuse me, WHAT?! THE ANDROID PROBLEM?! Duuude, that's SOOO offensive to Android users, including me.

  • Jack Dare
    Jack Dare

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    Deepu Suresh

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